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Art with a heart

I explore the mediums of watercolour, drawing, print and some photography to bring you the creations of deerdawn.    


My intention is to create conscious art that inspires your heart, brings uplifting vibes into your home & beautiful unique gifts for your loved ones

Showing Life In Its True Colours!

About The Artist

Artist Dawn Shade

My name is Dawn Shade and I live in the beautiful rolling hills of Devon with my husband Richard and my little Son Hopi.  


I started my creative journey when I was 18 years old when I discovered the camera and went on to do a Degree in Photography and Visual Communications in Birmingham UCE.  But it wasn't until I birthed Hopi that I started to paint!  He was one year old when I had a play with my mums paints and discovered a passion for it.  In this truly expansive time I rediscovered a part of my self again.  I give thanks to Hopi who came into my life bringing theses gifts along with his incredible self. I also give thanks to motherhood which gave me the 

determination and ability to be able do SO much more within a short period of time! 

I work at home in my little studio in the mornings whilst Hopi is at Kindergarten.  I am blessed to be surrounded by nature and beautiful countryside to constantly inspire my art. My start to life was very different to the life I lead now... I lived in inner city with my mother in high rises flats until I was 15 years old.  This beginning to life shaped a passion in me about the importance of well being, children's development through play & nature and living a balanced organic life with the environment.  All theses element come through my creations and my desire is to pass this on within my art that goes out into the world. 

In Love 


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