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Happy Birthday Card Bundle

The original was hand painted in watercolour and is a beautiful collection of birthday cards!

You Will Receive two of each design totalling in 6 premium greeting cards.

2 x Seaweed & Starfish
2 x Fern & Fungi
2 x Wild Flowers & Bee

The inside is left uncoated and blank making it easier for you to write your own personal message. Each card is individually scored, ensuring a clean fold and will be shipped securely packed in a cardboard box that fits through the letterbox. You will receive a bundle of these unique cards not wrapped in packaging but strung together with rafia string and nestled in natural tissue paper.

All greeting cards are printed on high quality art card from sustainable materials.
They measure 140mm x 140mm square and packaging free.
Envelopes are made completely from recycled materials and are vegan friendly.
A perfect Eco - Friendly Card choice!

They are also available as individual cards.

Thank You and Enjoy Shopping Here!

Dawn x

Happy Birthday Collection

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