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Embracing Supportive Rhythms


Welcome To my Blog! I have built my creative business around parenting my beautiful Son Hopi, with the desire to live a wholesome life filled with nourishment for self, family, community and who I can reach in this interconnected world! Today I am going to share a little about what I am stepping into and what supports me.

abundance from the garden and my Son Hopi

After a summer with some challenges and also lots to be grateful for! I am embracing the change of season and really welcoming the rhythms that it brings to me like a supportive friend. My garden is full of yummy seasonal celebration, from organic vegetables, Blackberries and full sunflowers! My son is thriving and we are both ready for him to be enjoying Steiner Kindergarten again. He will now be attending 4 mornings per week bringing more time to paint and writing blogs etc :)

Colouring Sheet - Mother Love

Thank You for taking the time to read my Blog and I hope that it inspires you?! I would love to here how in the posts below or if there is any more details that you want me to share?! This is a new platform for me and I will grow with it with your support! Really hoping it is a little window into my life as mama artist and a chance to have connection in this world wide web... Warmest Wishes to you Dawn x

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