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She Who Knows - Cover Woman!

I Never Thought In This Life Time I Would Be A Cover Woman!

The term Cover Girl for many reasons does not portray correctly this incredible magazine! I was deeply honoured to be asked to represent "She Who Knows' by my dear friend Isabella Lazlo. I have grown used to sharing my artwork out in the world BUT this was something completely different! With strength of heart and vulnerability I am sharing with you this deeply profound and raw experience. As I look at the woman staring back at me and realise that it is me. I whisper a positive mantra calling me home to myself 'She Who Knows'. I feel this powerful image, the shared experiences, and wisdom within these pages are all calling us home to our heart and innate knowing. Click on the image above to find out more about 'She Who Knows' Magazine


Also In this edition I contributed an article to the mother archetype section in the 'Celebrating Woman' pages. Which has also fired something inside me again for writing. As with many creative people I am dyslexic so I often push writing to the back. But now I'm blogging and doing newsletters I am going to welcome another type of creativity... the world of words ;)

Here is Hopi my son riding a pony bare back for the first time!

Goddess Feather

Click on the feather image, if you would like to be the first to hear about special offers and what exciting projects I am currently working on and so much more!

Please comment below as well if you feel inspired :)

Thank You

Dawn x

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